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Softwashing Versus Pressure Washing, What's the difference and what you should know.

The words seem to speak for themselves, Soft and Pressure, but do they? Softwashing is the use of a dedicated pump to apply detergents to clean and rinse using not much more pressure than a water hose nozzle. However this subject is very controversial. Many use a pressure washer and pull detergents through it in a process called down streaming and change the tips used to lower pressure which also starts the venturi siphon effect allowing soaps to be applied with the use of a pressure washer. This can definitely work but I personally do not consider it softwashing. Let's talk about some of the differences. . In a downstreaming application cleaning agents are usually mixed together in a bucket at desired concentration and pulled into the stream and mixed with water from the pressure cleaner. Length of hose, down stream injector used and users measurements, etc, all effect the concentration amount. Then what happens when it's time to rinse? At this point they may have a shut off valve where they can turn off the injector or they may change the tip on the pressure washer which increases pressure and stops the venturi effect. This makes changing the amount of cleaning agents used very difficult and the pressure to rinse is usually very high, even the application pressure can be higher depending on tips etc. used. In a real softwash system a dedicated pump is used to apply the cleaning agents, and the mixed amount of cleaning agents can be higher. Yet we still have many variables as all systems are not equal. Some systems are limited again to what is pre-mixed and applied, other systems allow these amounts to be changed on the fly by a metering system. This adds many advantages, example: one could clean your roof which requires a much stronger mix and one that's not even possible by a pressure washer, but then they can change to a very mild concentration to clean the exterior of your home. It also gives the user the ability to quickly change between different cleaning agents needed along with applying neutralizers. When rinsing there's no guessing on the pressure being used or accidentally putting a wrong tip on a pressure washer creating high pressure. I think the down streaming process is ok and I'm not bad mouthing it at all, It's just limited in it's use and more subjected to miss use. Pressure Washing, Somethings need pressure to adequately clean, like concrete. The video above shows pressure being used as well as heat to remove chewing gum. Not all things can be softwashed, but most things around your home can. This is why it really shouldn't be referred to as pressure washing but exterior cleaning as there's many variables

. It really boils down to the person proving the services and their knowledge and experience.

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