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Pressure Washer’s can cause major damage when used improperly.

I found this at a property we were cleaning today and thought I’d share just as a public awareness. Unfortunately we see this and other damages too frequently. What you’re looking at is damaged concrete that’s been etched by the machine pictured, which is known as a surface cleaner, used for pressure washing concrete. The reason this occurred is simply lack of knowledge and training. Everyday someone new decides to start a pressure washing business, without first learning anything about the trade. They go to a local hardware store and buy the most powerful pressure washer they can find. Which typically found at a hardware store will be a 4 gallon per minute @ 4500 psi machine. Then they buy the surface cleaner and start cleaning. Think about that a minute 4500 pounds per square inch. That’s more than a 1000 lbs. heavier than an average car weighs being blasted through 2 jets through this surface cleaner. If they stop for just a second while cleaning a driveway/sidewalk, this occurs. 90% of new pressure cleaning companies are out of business within the 1st year as I’m sure many of you have experienced when you may have attempted to call someone back again. Be careful who you hire and if you’re a new guy starting out be careful and get some training before just jumping in. There’s a lot more to exterior cleaning than just blasting stuff. I’ll even personally help you out and guide you in the right direction, be smart and work safer.

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