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Amazing Results that last without damaging high pressure.

Pool Decks & Screen Enclosures

This is your entertainment area and you want it looking it's best.  Screens get dirty, leaves and pine straw get stuck in it, mold and mildew starts to grow.  Let's use get rid of all these things for you.  We start by applying a mild soapy solutions to loosen all the dirt, spiderwebs etc.  Then we lightly rinse with a low pressure but high volume of fresh clean water to safely remove all these unwanted things leaving you with a fresh clean finish including your screens.  The pool deck can be many different types of surfaces and we take the right approach to get it clean without damaging. Most of the time high pressure is not what's needed to clean your deck, if you have a textured cool deck, high pressure can remove not only the coating but also the texture. Patio pavers?  High pressure can remove the joint sand causing you issues.  No matter what the surface is we will explain the best procedure to properly maintain. Even your patio furniture may be looking a little dirty, we usually rinse these items off for you too as it's just the right thing to do.  

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