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Cleaning Driveways, Walkways, Sidewalks, Parking areas and other Flat Work.  Concrete, Pavers, Travertine, Painted Surfaces and more.

Cleaning driveways and walkways is more than just spraying them with a pressure washer.  Have you ever seen the driveways with streaks all over them after they have supposedly been cleaned? It happens all the time from inexperience.   First one has to determine what surface they are cleaning, example if it's patio pavers you don't want to be blasting it with a pressure washer wand, this will remove the sand that's in between the joints and eventually cause you problems.  If it's concrete a surface cleaner is needed to evenly clean the surface leaving it streak free. Painted and stained surfaces are delicate and care has to be taking to clean the finish without removing it.   Then we have rust stains from irrigation, oil stains, tire marks etc. each needing their very own solution to properly remove.  Areas may need pre and post treatment during cleaning to get the results wanted.  We go above and beyond to provide a safe and effective cleaning of these areas to give you the best results possible.  

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