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Wood Cleaning/Restoration

Bring life back to your old fences decks and more with our wood Cleaning & Restoration services.


Cleaning or Restoration, what's the difference?

Cleaning is removing the dirt and mildew from the wood leaving a new appearance, no oils or sealers are added to protect the wood.  Typically cleaned wood in Florida will last about about 6 months to a year before you see the wood begin to turn gray again.


Restoration is more detailed, removing died wood fibers and cleaning and/or removing existing stains/sealers followed by further brightening of the wood leaving it prepped and ready for a new finish.  Then a high quality penetrating oil/stain is recommended which protects natural wood color, repels water, extends wood life, provides a mold, mildew and fungus resistant film and prevents graying and weathering. Note this is not Thompson Water Seal nor a product you'll find at a local hardware store and we do not recommend using these products.


Applying a stain or any finish to wood in Florida requires a licensed painting contractor.  Though we are fully knowledgeable and capable of staining your wood, we are not licences to do so.    However we have a great network of professional licensed painters and contractors we work with and can coordinate and oversee the full process from start to finish providing you with one bill and true professional results.  We find that most painter's and/or contractors are not fully equipped to properly prepare your surface for a new finish and combining our professional services provides our customers with the best possible results.     

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