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We are grateful to all the snowbirds that travel to Florida to stay at their 2nd home for the winter and enjoy our wonderful weather. Thank you for calling and trusting in us to get your place cleaned and ready for you before you arrive as we truly do value your repeat business! When you're ready to head north again ask us about other professional cleaners we know in the industry as we know many all over the country from professional associations we are involved with. For those In New Jersey reach out to my good friend Jamie Schmidt with GreenWay Pressure Cleaning He is now also trained and doing holiday lighting and can help you with that also if you'll be travel back for the holidays. Not from New Jersey? Don't worry we know many others that would be happy to provide you with top quality services.

Do you have someone checking on your home when you're away? We can also provide this service for a select few, taking pictures and insuring any other contractors you have are doing what you're paying them for, along with flushing toilets, checking for pest an other possible issues, along with hurricane preparations when needed.

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