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Hello Whispering Sound Residents

Roof Cleaning Questions

We have had several calls in regards to roof cleaning services we will be providing for your community.    We hope the information provided here helps answer some of your questions.  We may be adding additional information here for you also.   

Gutters:  Since we are cleaning roofs from a ladder, we're unable to clean gutters on lanias of some units as this would require us to get on the roof in order to access.  Any construction debris left by other contractors will also not be removed. 

Answers to general questions about our roof cleaning services can be found in the below video.  However we will not be walking on roofs in Whispering Sounds as may be noted in this video.  



If viewing from phone or tablet this link will be better to view video

What do I need to do prior to having my roof cleaned? 

There's really not much you need to do at all. 

•We will provide notices and general instructions prior to cleaning.  

•We ask that you remove any small items from walkways that may be subject to damages from hoses and/or overspray.  

•There is no need to move or cover any plants you may have in large planters.  Covering plants with the wrong material can cause damge to your plants.  We will evaluate and take care of these items for you. 

• We ask that you park your car in the driveway but at the end closes to street.

•Keep all doors, windows and garage door shut while cleaning is in process.  

•Stay inside and avoid trips outside as the cleaning solution contains sodium hypochlorite (bleach) which can cause discoloration in clothing and other materials.  

For any other questions you may have in regards to roof cleaning.  

Thanks for submitting!

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