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Sherwin Williams Questionaire. 
1. What is the step by step process of a power washing job?
2.Is there a difference in process based on building type; residential vs commercial, buildings with vinyl vs aluminum vs wood siding or building masonry or stucco?
3.Is a bleach wash, detergent wash or water only wash most commonly used?  As an estimate, what percentage of jobs are bleach vs detergent vs water (for example 50% bleach, 35% water, detergent 15% water only)?
4.How do you treat a surface that has a lot of mildew/algae?  Is it treated differently than a surface that has a lot of dirt buildup?
5. How long after power washing should contractors wait before beginning painting?
6. Are there any washes that use a mildewcide other than bleach?
7. What water temerature is used?

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